Problem with Copying Region 2 DVD

I am having trouble burning a Region 2 Dvd using DVD X Copy Platinum with AnyDVD. I want the copied DVD to be Region 1.
The dvd burns normally. It works on my DVDR computer drive but it does not work on my Panasonic DVD player which only plays region 1.

I think my AnyDVD settings are correct:

Default region is set to Region 1
Feature Removal: Region code (check), Analog protection system (check), Prohibted user operations (check), Region code scripts (check)

Does anyone know how to do this correctly? Should I start my dvd x copy program before I start AnyDVD?
Should I use Safe Mode?

Please Help


The settings of AnyDVD do not determine the settings of your copied disc. What you should end up with is a DVD that has no region settings at all!

I suspect the reason your discs won’t play in your Panasonic are because they are either recorded on poor quality media or the Panasonic is an older model and picky about what it plays - or both.

Does the machine actually exhibit a message saying the disc is the wrong region?

You may want to try using DVD Decrypter to rip the files to the hard drive and then use DVD Shrink to transcode. Both applications are free. Also, try to get hold of some Ritek blanks (but steer clear of Princo).


Oh yes, and welcome to the forum!:slight_smile:

What DVD did you choose? AFAIK the Panasonic only plays DVD-R and DVD-RAM but no DVD+R.

I am using FujiFilm 4.7 GB DVD-R’s

I have used these dvd’s to copy Region 1 dvd’s and they work fine.

Again, what does the Panasonic say, if anything, when presented with the ‘faulty’ disc?

I have to say here and now that I don’t like the 321 products, with their inability to work from ripped files and their hypocritical ‘this is a backup…’ message embedded in the copy.

Follow the advice in the last paragraph of my previous note and tell me what happens then.


When I try to play the origonal region 2 dvd in my panasonic, the player reads: Invalid Region, please use region 1 dvd.

When I try to play the copy I made with only dvd x copy, it reads the same.

And when I try to play the copy I made with dvd x copy while running AnyDVD, the panasonic reads: Unable to read disc, please insert readable media. (Which is strange because it plays region 1 copys that I made using the same media.)

It almost seems as if we are facing two unrelated problems here…

I’ve uninstalled all my 321 applications and cannot remember offhand whether there are settings in DVD X Copy which allow you set a region. If there are such settings, no doubt you’ve double-checked that you have them set correctly?

AnyDVD has a chequered history and reportedly seems to work or not work according to some whim of fate. However, I have and I must say, on my W2K Pro system, it works perfectly. I haven’t bothered to update on the basis that ‘if it ain’t broke…’

I still think you should experiment with DVDDecrypter and DVDShrink. They are both free, will almost certainly fix your problem and will obviate the need for AnyDVD. You already know what I think of DVD X Copy!