Problem with copying Primary Colors

This is the same problem as with Blues Brothers, Region 1.

There are two directories on the root of the disc and CloneDVD2 reports that it can’t find VIDEO_TS folder when there’s an IMG folder above it. When I copy the entire contents of the dvd to the hard drive, then CloneDVD2 can find the VIDEO_TS folder. There’s also a UNI_LNKS.HTM file on both of these.


Windows XP Pro
SOHW-832S LiteOn burner.

Checked on two XP systems.

Edited: Is this a weakness found in CloneDVD that the recording studios are exploiting?


Hi custer I am currently using CloneDVD and AnyDVD and I am unable to reproduce the problem that you are having.

Here is are some test shots that I made using ‘The Blues Brothers DVD’. As you can see CloneDVD for me had no problems dealing with this DVD.

The IMG folder on the DVD is just the store location for the pictures used in the UNI_LNKS.HTM.

Something else is glong on here, As Olli requested in your last thread please update both CloneDVD and AnyDVD

Custer you are exactly right… thats what has happened to me trying to copy the Bob Hope tribute collection…Road to pictures…when i use anydvd I can just copy the whole dvd to the hd and burn a perfect copy…I have tried other older dvd’s like spiderman (retail) and have no trouble reading and copying the dvd…Hope they fix it soon… I am now using anydvd along with Nero recode and it works just fine for now…thanks

Thank you, thewiz. I’ve been watching the thread for anyone else having the problem. I’m trying to burn all the files with Recode2 back to a +RW disk and see if anydvd + clonedvd2 will do it correctly then. Clonedvd2 refuses to do an real “clone” of the original dvd, that is, it ignores the htm file + the img folder.

PeebZ, we have different versions of this movie. I have no AUDIO_TS folder or README.TXT file. Thanks, all.

Nope, Nero Recode 2 won’t do a clone, either. And it made an empty AUDIO_TS folder.

I think I’ll try making an iso file with clonedvd2 and try manually inserting the file and folder, then burn.

I have 2 workarounds that work perfectly…Its takes a little time but it works for now.

  1. start anydvd…
  2. copy entire contents of dvd to hard drive under same directory name as the dvd
  3. burn with clonedvd
  4. start anydvd
  5. use nero recode ( made perfect copyies of all bob hope tribute collection with this program)
    IMO this is a problem with clonedvd because nero recode reads the dvd’s pefectly although I would rather use clonedvd since it has a much cleaner interface…

the wiz
btw…this group has a huge bunch of people who really know their stuff…Its a pleasure to come here and read whats going on…

I agree with everything you said, thewiz. :slight_smile:

I’m trying to clone the files from the hard drive to an iso file with dual layer specs for the disc [cancels the transcoding]. Then I want to add the file + folder with isobuster to the iso file and delete the AUDIO_TS folder, then burn and try transcoding… just to rule out any interaction from AnyDVD.

I burned a dvd using clonedvd from files on the hard drive and nero recode 2, as you have done. But I don’t recall burning from a dvd with nero. I’d like to try that.

I have a liteon sohw-832s and winxp pro with sp2.

You have it right on about cdfreaks… what you can’t find here prolly isn’t worth knowing. :bow:

I didn’t have a dvd-9 disk, I had to transcode anyway to get the VIDEO_TS folder down to size. I extracted that folder from the .iso file that clonedvd made and built another one using cdrwin containing that folder and added the IMG folder and the .htm file, then burned. Without having to transcode, and no protection to overcome by anydvd, clonedvd doesn’t throw that ‘not found’ error when I process that copy. Weird. :confused:

In a few days I’ll pop the original back in. If it throws the error again, I’ll post the screen capture.

I may be wrong but I think the problem must be with clonedvd since the combo of anydvd and nero recode work perfectly on the exact same dvd’s. I understand what you are trying to do but it has to be after anydvd takes the protection off and when its read off the dvd. Seems there is a bug in clonedvd at this time. Instead of banging your head against the wall just use recode for now. I know that your time is as important as mine and you dont want to waste it. I am trying to rewrite part of the clonedvd code to see if I can work around this fault. Its good to work with you Custer .I will keep in touch…