Problem with copied games on XP

Hi all
I copied FS2002 about two months ago when I was on Windows 98, it installed and worked fine. I upgraded my OS to Windows XP and now it cant copy certain files from the same cd for install. Can someone tell me what might be going on here?

Maybe the disc uses SafeDisc as a protection ? There are some problems under XP and SafeDisc protected discs. Read here how to fix it.

Yes, FS2002 uses SafeDisc for protection. The cd runs, but when I go to install it tells me that certain files couldn’t be copied. I hope this patch…or whatever its called works. Thank you.

Or you may have got scratches in your disc?

If so, just make a new backup and it should work ok again.

I made three copies and they all have the same problem with the same files not being able to copy over. Is there something on XP that I need to set…or am I out of luck?..I need ideas.

Do the original disc work on XP?

What program did you copy them with? If there is bad sectors on the disc then if CloneCD can’t read them it will burn those bad sectors on the backups.

You should try opening up your disk image with IsoBuster and then try to extract them all to a folder on your HD. If there is an error, then the problem is with your reader. If you can extract
the files out of the image fine, but they are corrupt when you write them, then the problem is with your writer (It happened to my old SamSung!).

I recommend trying to rip the files off the CD with IsoBuster ( then using a crack to remove the protection. THen burn with a non-RAW mode with software such as Nero which will write all the files with the proper ECC (error correction).

For some reason I can copy this game on Windows XP and install the copy onto other OS’s like 98 and ME, but the copy won’t install correctly into XP…Why???

hmmmm…anyone, anyone?

I made my copy with CloneCD 4 ,and works perfect with my WinXP Pro.

test and see if your original media installs all right. also, how are you copying it?