Problem with converting Divx-VCD (yes I am using the guide)

I am using this guide:
How to convert a DivX / AVI / ASF / MPEG1 to VCD

First off, it looks like a great guide Chickenman, very detailed.

Here is my problem. I succesfully converted my Divx file to an mpeg file, following the directions in your guide. The first problem is, is that the file is not about 600 megs/hour of video, it is 2.6 gigs for a 2 hour movie…I am not sure if this indicates that I did somehting wrong or not.

I then needed to cut it into 4 disks because of the size, so again I used TMPGEnc to do this as in your guide. However, when I tried to play each of the 4 disks, all I see is a black background. I DO hear the sound, but get no picture.

If anyone knows what I did wrong I would be very greatful to know :smiley:


Sounds like perhaps you converted to SVCD instead. I would think that TMPGEnc requires a compatible MPEG2 decoder installed to preview MPEG2 files when cutting, which would explain your black screen.

If you had VCD compliant MPEG1 then the file would be 10MB/min.

Make sure that with TMPGEnc you either load the VCD template or select VCD in the wizard.

hmm, that is a distinct possibility (me using svcd instead of regular vcd) I will re-encode and re-try. Thanks alot.

ha! Thanks celtic_druid! For some reason I guess I had selected svcd instead.

Worked like a charm!


Good to see it worked out in the end. Loading in the correct Template in TMPGEnc is one of the most critical points of the whole Tute. Get that wrong and you dont end up with a VCD as you found out.