Problem with converted rar file


Good evening as you will notice I am new at converting rar files and could use some assistance.

I converted an rar with winrar which then gave me a lot of par files. It also made a bin and cue file. I tried to follow the forum on burning the bin file to dvd but can’t seem to make it work. It keeps saying wrong format or unspecified format. I am using the lastest version of Nero.

My question, is it possible to burn the image to a vcd? If so would I burn the bin file or the cue file? Also would I select cd iso or cd vcd in the nero selection section.

I would appreciate any assistance regarding the above. The last question is whats the differnece between a bin and cue file. If I need to use the cue file for the burning in Nero ,do I have to do anything to the cue file except burn it just as I would a bin file.

Thank you for you time :slight_smile: :slight_smile: judyduck