Problem with compression (I believe)

I have been a religious user of xcopy until recently, I now own anydvd along with clonedvd2. I have had problems with longer movies skipping or stopping all together near the end with xcopy. I believe that it was a compression issue and hope to solve it with my new change. The problems happened with many different types of media, and only with longer movies (mostly all).

I hope to rid myself of the problem with my new software, any comments? :slight_smile:


Your change to the slysoft products should solve your problems-

Ofcourse - there is NO substitute for burning to good media like Ritek, Taiyo Yuden, Verbatim or Maxell - to get your best burns-


for a lark,try dvdshrink for a little while and see what you get.You can break the newer copy protections with that AnyDvd running in the background.I would maybe run those longer movies on a slower(high quality) encoding process for better results.I’ve had some backups do that at the end also and they were all looooong backups(over 2:30).Never had any issues with shorter ones.I tried Xcopy 1nce but new it wasn’t what I was going to need.It had no flexibility but it was a good thing it was out at the time so other companies could develop better products.

Just a quick reply,
the problem appeared with verbatim, and a cheaper version also, so that is why I assumed ot was software.

dvdshrink w/dvd decrypter works great for me but I have quirky problems from time to time that I think I might resolve with clonedvd2, and anydvd.

shrink would give a pixilation problem from time to time…

Then that CloneDvd should work out better.I haven’t used Shrink in over a year.The media comment from bigmike is the big winner.Always have the good stuff and you’ll never have to worry.