Problem with compressed DVD folders

I have a DVD that has been backed up into a series of compressed archives.
I can extract all the files from the archive but when I attempt to play the files I get either a locked up Media Player Classic or in the case of VLC it will show the menu and play around 3 seconds of the DVD before the playback stops.

However, VLC can playback the files within their respective archives. :doh:
Anybody have any ideas so that I can extract the data properly?

Don’t know if it will help, but you might try extracting all the files, then running the dvd through FixVTS. You can download it here:

Thanks Kerry56, interestingly after using FixVTS I can now play the VOB files individually but the same problem happens if I try to load the whole disc.

I’m not so bothered about keeping menus or anything, so is there anything I can use to somehow convert these VOBs to an xVid AVI or suchlike (they are split into 4 seperate VOBs but are all part of the same video). I have AutoGK, but surely the output from converting these 4 seperate VOBs will be 4 seperate AVIs? :confused:

Do you actually want them as avi or would you prefer a dvd that plays normally? If you convert each one separately in AutoGK, you could splice them together afterwards with Vdub. I’m not guaranteeing that you will get a seamless video out of all of that though.

I’m not sure why they are working as individual vobs and not as a whole. There is definitely something screwed up in the structure of your dvd. What I might try next would be to combine the vobs you got out of FixVts into one mpeg file and reauthor.

How you do that depends entirely on which tools you have. Vob2Mpeg is a free tool that can normally do this process, but your dvd isn’t what I would call normal. If you do get it to work, you can reauthor to dvd format. Do you have an authoring program that you normally use? If not, try the free trial of TMPGenc Author 3, or DVDLab Pro’s free trial, or one of the free programs like DVDStyler or GUIforDVDAuthor.

If Vob2Mpeg doesn’t work you might try importing the vobs straight into DVDLab Pro, and let it demux and combine the vobs.

Or use VideoRedo Plus. VideoRedo Plus can work with vobs if you check the box in Options -->Enhanced Plus Features to “auto combine sequential filenames”. The output from VideoRedo can be either mpeg2 or dvd format, whichever you would prefer. And if you use VideoRedo you could also try the Quickstream Fix tool on this mess of a dvd you have. There is a free trial for this program as well.

I’m not minding how I get output of the files as I can either watch the video on my DVD player as AVI or DVD or I can output straight from my PC to my TV, so whichever works out easiest to achieve a working video file. :slight_smile:

This sounds like combining the files into one VOB and burning to DVD. The tools I currently have are;

ImgBurn/Nero 7 for burning.
ConvertXToDVD which I use to convert AVI files.
DVDShrink which I use to make DVDs fit on DVD-Rs.
DVDStyler which I have used previously to make DVD menus for discs but have never really figured out how to sort out the video files with.
VOBBlanker which has been useful in making DVDs fit on a single layer disc.
AutoGK which has been great at making 350MB rips of TV series DVDs that I can archive on my hard drive for easy access.
SUPER which I have used to convert AVIs to MPG2 but can’t seem to work out some of the options and end up with a disc size far short of 4.3GB
FIXVTS which seems to have recovered the video in the VOBs in this case.
RipIt4Me which I have used in combination with DVD Decrypter to rip DVDs.

I will look at Vob2Mpeg for now to see if I can indeed combine the files into one single VOB.

Edit: I am currently trying to use cmd to reconstruct the files into a single VOB as it seems what has happened is that each VOB file is restricted to 1GB so it has been split in this case to 4. Apparently using a ‘copy /b’ command on the VOB files should reconstruct the files into one - worth a shot I guess.

Brilliant, I have managed to combine all the VOB files into a single VTS_01_1.VOB file which is 3.82GB and it plays perfectly as long as the second audio track is selected.

I am just going to convert this single VOB to an XVid file using AutoGK that I can play back in VLC, thanks for the help on this subject Kerry :slight_smile:

As kerry56 stated, dvd structure prob…And yes depends on tools you have to get it done…you can join VOB’s with VobEdit ,to one VOB,then use IFOedit to create Ifo’s, Bup’s,vob’s, then use FixVts …should work for you as it does take some time/effort but free…If you want commercial I believe you can use ConvertXtoDVD on your individual VOB’s…good luck!!
@futur1sm, glad you got it done,I was typing as you were getting her done. :slight_smile: AutoGk or fairuse Wizard shoud get your Xvid done…

Glad you got it working. Just goes to show that there is more than one way to work with video files.