Problem with Combi CD-RW/DVD-Rom Drive

Hi all
I have built a new winxp 64bit computer for a friend and have found a funny problem.

The Internal Combi CD-RW/DVD-Rom drive with S!PWMx2 technology won’t write to CD-R disc’s and also it won’t read “Mirror Platinum” 4.7gb DVD disc’s that have been recorded on my computer. it will read a CD disc and a DVD disc off a magazine ok.
I don’t know the make as it says Ultima on the drive, yet some say it’s a Artec drive. if that makes any sense.

both computers use Roxio Easy CD-DVD Media Creator 7, with the latest updates

I have noticed some people on the net are having the same problem with this drive.

any ideas how to fix this problem.


Change media or buy a new $50 burner.

I found out the reason why it was not writing to cd-r disc’s was the folders/files i was trying to copy had somehow become “read-only”,
As for not reading some dvd-r disc’s, i unplugged all the cables and then reconnected them and now it’s reading all the disc’s ok.
is the weired or what.
anyway it’s now buzzing away like a hover on heat.

It’s the first combo cd-rw/dvd-r i have bought and when i build another computer i think i will stick to drive like my own, a NEC 3500a DL & Pioneer DVR-106D which i have never had any trouble with.

thanks anyway

ps: the new drive only cost £24 about $45 i think

I have one of the Artecs (Maddog rebadge) and after udating the firmware to 2.10 it has been every bit as good as my Liteon 5232K, works great.