Problem with colour after authoring dvd



:eek: Whether I use dvdlab or tmpgenc authoring software, the menu colours go haywire after compiling the dvd - when I check the IFO file I get green and pink stripes with my motion menus in black and white. All seems fine while authoring. I don’t seem to have any problems with my system colours and have checked for viruses. I have just upgraded my ram and added another hard drive.

This is driving me mad so any ideas would be appreciated.


Assuming the stripes occur when you play back on your computer, what are you using to play it with? What mpeg-2 codec do you have installed?
Have you burned a test dvd and tried it on any standalones?


:smiley: Ahhhhhh, the mpeg2 codec seems to be the problem - I’ve now installed windvd 4 which seems to have solved the problem, cross fingers.