Problem with CloneDVD2

Great Forum!!! I just joined to refresh my memory regarding burning DVD’s. It has been awhile.

I sucessfully created the DVD files on Conedvd2 but when I clicked on the write button it said please insert a recordable media into drive D. I tried two seperate recordable dvds but get the same message? One is a Memorex dvd-r and the other is Verbatim dvd+rw. I burned dvd’s a number of years ago with the same external writer and believe these are some leftover discs.

thanks in advance for any advice you can pass on.


If it’s about clonedvd you should post the question in CloneDVD. Also you gave vague message and problem?? We need model and firmware and software versions?

Hi ejp66666, can you tell us what kind of DVD drive you have? Some Memorex discs can be troublesome, does your burner support the RWs you are using? What speeds are you burning at. I hope I can be of help.

Thanks coolcolors and Alan for your prompt reply and my apologies for not posting in the appropriate area… It won’t happen again…

I am using my HP laptop and my D drive is a HL_DT_ST RW/DVD GCC_4241N{CD-ROM drove)

I burned about 25 dvd’s 4-5 years ago using the same equipment. I just downloaded Clonedvd2 and anydvd. I recall I used those back then…

Hope this info helps and thanks again

I will move the thread to the appropriate forum, no problem:disagree:

Ty Alan

I hope you are not trying to burn a DVD with CD-Rom drive.:slight_smile: What type is your external?

My external is a _NEC DVD_RW ND-2500A USB Device [CD-ROM drive]

What is your DVDRW drive? You cannot burn anything with a CD ROM.:disagree:

I don’t believe I am trying to burn a dvd with a cd-rom. Both my D and E (external)drives are dvd rewritable and I know in the past I burned a number of dvd’s using the same set-up? I copied and pasted the specifics for each drive using belarc.

This is frustrating and thanks for your patience.

No worrys we will get it sorted. Have you tried some other media besides Verbatim RW discs, maybe some DVD5 Like Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim ( not RWs).?

I haven’t tried any other media yet and wondered if that was the problem. They seemed to work in the past and basically the only thing that changed seems to be a newer version of Clone? I didn’t want to go out and buy another box of dvd’s not knowing what the problem was… The Clone error message indicates it is not recognizing I have a blank dvd in the drive…

Please try and borrow a blank from someone, if I was near you I would give you some. I bet thats the problem. Just a 25 spindle of some Verbatim 16X+ would do fine and you know you will use them. LOL. Try it before we start taking apart your system LOL.:wink:

ok. thanks Alan. I will run out now and grab some… anything else I need to know other than 16X+ Verbatim

They should do the trick, they are most consistant of medias besides Taiyo Yuden which are not easy to find in a Brick and Mortar Store.:flower:

LOL. I have crossed fingers that CVS has some… Not my store of choice but close. back in a few…

I couldn’t procure Verbatim but snagged some Maxwell’s 16X dvd+r… if they aren’t any good I will hit Walmarts. Any good?

The Maxell could be anything. They usually outsource their media, so I would have know the media Code. Try them and burn at 8X.:iagree:

I am having to create the dvd files again in clone. No idea why… about 20 minutes left. Can I put the blank dvd in my d drive now or doesn’t it matter?

You put the source disc in the reading drive and the disc to be burned in the desination drive.( The DVDRW)