Problem with CloneDVD2

I have a computer with: OPTICAL DRIVE - CD-RW⁄DVD-ROM drive
READ AND WRITE SPEED – Read: Cd-ROM 24x, DVD-ROM 8x; Write: CD-R 24x, Cd-RW 4x, HS CD-RW 10x

And I’m trying to write a DVD with clonedvd2. I’ve tried using blank DVD+R disks and DVD-RW ones, but I keep getting “please enter recordable media into drive D” messages.

So. My question to you all.What recordable media do I need to use? Or am I completely screwed and unable to burn DVDs at all with this computer (please, please say it isn’t so).

I get the feeling this is quite possibly the stupidest question ever been asked on these forums, and I’m sorry about that. My brother got the brains in my family -he can count to five!

Anyway. Answers! Needed! my life is in your hands, guys. don’t let me down.

You need a DVDRW to write dvds-Unless I am reading it wrong you state you have a cdrw and a dvd rom so you do not have a dvd writer!

:-< Well. That makes life more difficult. Thanks, Scott.