Problem with CloneDvd

Sometimes using CloneDVD(both the old and new versions) and AnyDVD, a movie will read all the way, but will just stop during the write. It will not give any errors, but just stop and hang there until I kill the program. Any idea what might cause this? I have made several costers because of this problem. Thanks for any help.

Asking a question

List the following
Name/title you are trying to backup
Name of the Backup application and its version
Operating System and Service Pack number
Is DMA enabled
RAID configuration
IDE Adaptors used
IDE #0 and #1 master/slave configuration
Brand, model and Firmware Revision of optical devices (your ‘ROMs and burners)
USB and FireWire devices
SCSI devices
Adaptec ASPI version (this doesn’t mean you have to install it!)
List your other burning apps and their version
What is the exact nature of the problem – BSOD, reboot, backup doesn’t work, failed to burn, can’t image, needs emulation, can’t find a drive/not recognised, slow reading/writing, program hangs/freezes
Have you tried different media?
What does the manufacturer recommend?

Sorry I asked the question wrong. Let me try and give more details. System windows XP, P4 2ghz, 512 Ram, 2 ide 80 gig hds, no fireware, scanner and printer on USB. The name of the movies is “Patriot”, DMA is enabled, writer is Optorite DD0201 firmware 2.3. No SCSI devices. Two hd’s are one IDE#0, IDE#1 has Optorite as master and a Pioneer DVD rom as slave. I have contacted the Optorite people and have never got an answer of any kind. The problem is as I stated above the write process just freezez during the burn. The version of software used is CloneDVD ( I have also tried the newer version) and AnyDVD This process produces a shinney new coster each time it happens. I hope this is enough info on the problem. Thanks for any help.