Problem with CloneDVD Mobile and old silent movies


I have been using CloneDVD Mobile (version to convert my silent movie DVD collection to ipod.

Most of these have worked fine but I am having a problem with two late 1920’s films, Metropolis and Pandora’s Box. Both of these are German films.

When watching them on my DVD player you have the menu option to view the dialogue cards in either English or German. However when I try to put the films through CloneDVD Mobile, all I get is the German language cards.

I can’t for the life of me work out how to get the English cards, there doesn’t seem to be any option to select this.

Any help would be much apprectiated.


Maybe CloneDVD Mobile doesn’t support the older English language card you are refering too. Just a guess.

Can you select a different Angle in the title selection?


Thanks for the replies. I’m not quite sure what you mean by a “different Angle” in the title selection…

I put the DVD of Pandora’s Box into my DVD drive, opened CloneDVD mobile and selcted the drive.

There are 3 video titles displayed. One is the film itself, one is a documentry on the disc and one is the logo etc of the DVD company.

I select the main movie and click “Next”. The Audio Streams section shows one checked option "Unspecified Dolby AC -3/2. This I presume is for the music soundtrack.

In Subtitles there are two options. Disabled and Unspecified, however whichever one I check I still only get the German langauge dialogue cards in the preview pane and when I convert the movie.

Thanks again for any further advice, or is this just soemthing CloneDVD Mobile cannot do anything about ?