Problem with Clonedvd 2623

I am using CloneDVD 2623 and AnyDvd 4551. I am backing up regular movie dvd’s with CSS protection. I have 2 dvd reader/writers. My problem is after sucessfully backing up a dvd, I want to backup another. CloneDVD does not recognize the 2nd dvd.

After successrully backing up one dvd I do not close anydvd or clonedvd.
I insert the new blank dvd in one writer. I insert the original dvd to be backed up in the 2nd writer. Anydvd reads it properly and shows CSS protection.
I press the RESTART button in Clonedvd. I choose Clone DVD button. I choose the correct dvd drive. Instead of the vobs from the new dvd clonedvd shows the old file from the previously copied dvd. When I try to preview them I get a read error vob not found.

To make it work correctly I eject both dvd’s. Close CloneDVD, exit AnyDVD. Restart AnyDvd. Restart CloneDVD and it works.

This problem started with the previous version but I did not realize that it was a problem. I just got read errors so I cleaned the dvd, rebooted and all okay.

Does anyone have a solution other than closing both programs and restarting?

lafjax :confused:

I set CloneDVD to delete data upon completion.

To copy another DVD, I use the back button, put in the master DVD, wait for AnyDVD to detect the master DVD, browser to the video ts folder, edit the movie, and transcode.

Thanks furballi …

I have the ‘delete temporary video files after completion’ checked but I still have the problem.


This is a problem of the Windows CD File System. It can happen, if DVDs have the same Volume name (some always call their DVDs “DVD_VIDEO”).
I don’t have a good solution, you can try to insert a different DVD with a different name.

Olli, I appreciate what you are saying but the dvd’s I am backing DO have different names. It’s not the temp files clonedvd is reading it’s the vob’s on the 2nd dvd I am backing up. I am running XP sp1. It’s as if clonedvd does not reset itself when using re-start button.

well the way I did is after you done with first movie then close clonedvd, insert second dvd movie and wait untill anydvd ready, open clonedvd do backup it work every times with 3 second work.

Restart does not clear CloneDVD’s state. Clicking “copy title” or “clone dvd” after “restart” does reset it. This is done for comfortable splitting (you can restart, click next and make changes).“Restart” is probably unprecise, it should read “Rewind” or “back to the beginning”.

Olli, I understand what you are saying, but after clicking “clone dvd” it does not reset it for me.

In this case, it is a problem of the Windows Filesystem. CloneDVD only uses FileSystem access, it does not read on a sector level.

I am very happy to report that the newest version of AnyDVD and CloneDVD have fixed the problem I reported about backing up a 2nd and more dvd’s without having to restart AnyDVD and CloneDVD like I used to do. I can now go to the 2nd backup using restart in CloneDVD and it works fine. The Filesystem access is repaired.

Many thanks to all.