Problem with clonecd


when i try makin a copy of some games (tiberian sun, black and white) my writer (lite on 24x) will read them okay (using cloney xl’s suggested settings for the game) but when I go to burn it, it gets to about 93% and gives me a write error:

Writing to CD failed. Medium Error. Write Error (3:0x0c:0x00)

I have wasted 5 cds now any ideas would help.


make sure that you are useing 700MB CD-R’s as TS is overburned and should start writeing but will give you and error when the end of the medium is reached

‘medium error’ usually means crappy cds.

Okay yes iam using Sony 700 mb cds, they might be a bad brand which could be the problem, I will buy some better quality one tomoorow. thanks