Problem with CloneCD Audio copying

Hi all.
I need a little help/advice.

First of all, my hardware is:
Liteon 48x DVD (LTD163D, GHR3)
Liteon 32x CD-R/W (32123S overclocked to 40125S)
AMD AthlonXP 1800 on a Gigabyte M/B

My hard disk is on Promary Slave, DVD ROM is Secondary Master, and CD-R/W is Secondary Slave. That’s how the computer shop put my computer together, and I have a litle sticker on the back saying I’m not allowed to open the case or the warranty will be void :frowning:

I’m having a problem copying Audio CDs. When using the Audio Profile at anything above 6x, CloneCD doesn’t like it. The CD-R/W drive’s light turns from red to orange to read to orange… etc when copying at higher speeds. Is that normal?

It happened before I OC’ed my writer, and on versions and of CloneCD.

Does anybody have a clue as to what’s happening?

Data CDs copy fine.


Is DMA enabled for your drives? Use Nero InfoTool to check it. You can get InfoTool from or if you have installed Nero on your computer it’s located in the Nero Toolkit.

yeah, they both run in DMA mode.

However, I just noticed something with my ASPI drivers:
WINASPI.DLL and WOWPOST.EXE are not installed, but the other two are (this is for version 4.71.1).

Should I install them? I hate screwing around with ASPI stuff, it’s all too complicated… :confused:

According to the ASPI Readme, they are the only two files needed for WinXP ASPI:

I. Operating System ASPI Files Installed

Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 wnaspi32.dll, aspi32.sys
winaspi.dll, wowpost.exe

Microsoft Windows 2000 wnaspi32.dll, aspi32.sys
winaspi.dll, wowpost.exe

Microsoft Windows 98 wnaspi32.dll, apix.vxd

Microsoft Windows Me wnaspi32.dll, apix.vxd

Microsoft Windows XP wnaspi32.dll, aspi32.sys

I believe that Liteons have problems copying audio. Is your Audio CD protected? Or is it being made of MP3s?

The CD-R/W drive’s light turns from red to orange to read to orange
That is caused by the drive’s buffer underrun kicking in. Are you copying on-the-fly meaning directly from your DVD-ROM to you writer? If so that is probably causing it since both drives are on the same IDE-channel. You should first create an image using the Audio Profile using either you DVD-ROM or your writer and then burn it. Am I right?

yes, they are on the same ide channel, but data CDs copy fine, and it happens with all audio CDs. And no, the CD is not protected.

You didn’t answer my question: are you copying on-the-fly or not? Data CD’s are not the same as audio CD’s since audio is much more sensitive to errors. Data has build-in error correction which audio does not have. Audio errors are corrected by the player. When copying data do you also experience these buffer underruns (drive’s LED changing from red to orange and vice versa)?

yeah, I was copying on the fly.

Since my reader and writer are on the same IDE cable, if I put my Reader on the same channel as my Hard disk, will it slow my hard disk access down? and will it slow down copying from the reader to the hard disk?


Hi …first of all excuse me for my english… i’m an italian boy…
i would ask to Tofu where can i found the patch to do this upgrade (Liteon 32x CD-R/W (32123S overclocked to 40125S)) and if it is all ok … i have a liteon 32123S… thank you

You can get it from - click on Lite-on, then 32123s, then download XSU1 firmware.

Use MTKFlash to upgrade, do it in Dos.

Goto Digi’s site for detailed instructions at