Problem with 'checking discs'

when i try to burn a dvd nero stops responding on the ‘checking discs’ part for some time and then resumes burning. but the dvds burn are unreadable even though the disc info shows tracks written on the dvd. if i restart my pc i am able to burn a few dvds without gettin stuck on checking discs (these dvds are burnt fine and are readable) but then the problem starts again. i can burn only a few dvds at a time like this and have to restart after that. what could be causing this problem? please help
i forgot to mention that i have tried to reinstall nero and installed different versions but everytime i get same problem…

Maybe it’s a hardware problem. Quite a bit of heat is generated when burning one disc after another.

the drive is a 2-day old samsung sh-w162z. and if heating was the problem shouldnt it burn properly again after 2-3 hours? but even that dosent happen. i have to restart…

Well I would be leery of a 2 day old burner acting up. Have you checked all your connections? Did your previous burner work correctly with Nero?

When you say burn properly are they burning at the correct speed?

Run Nero InfoTool and look for any anomalies. Under the Configuration tab is DMA enabled? Is Nero ASPI working?

I guess as a test you could try ImgBurn instead of Nero and see how that goes.

What brand/type of media are you using?

You might want to consider the firmware also:

checked all connections. everythings fine. i installed nero 6 that came with the drive now everything works fine. burnt arnd 20 dvds so far in a day and no problems yet. so it surely something to do with nero 7.

as a reply to ur other questions…

  1. all dvds burning at 16x (arnd 6 mins per dvd) even though they are not readable. even data verification is successful/
  2. no anomalies in infotool. dma enabled and aspi working.
  3. used nero 6 instead of 7 and it works like a charm
  4. im using moserbaer pro 16x dvds.
  5. firmware is also uptodate