Problem with chapters



Hi, I’m a n00b when it comes to burning dvds, but I’m having this problem where if I copy a dual-layer dvd using DVDFab (the latest version, I forget which one), the entire movie copies fine onto two DVD-R’s. However, on the first disc, say it has 15 chapters, when I search to the 16th chapter, the dvd player allows me to do it although there’s nothing there. On the dvds that my friend copies for me, this doesn’t happen, i.e. it stops searching beyond the last chapter (chapter 15 in this case).

Does anyone know how to fix this glitch?


Is this a Superbit? (I know that Superbits actually include dummy chapters on some of their discs, especially the movies that take two discs, such as Das Boot and Lawrence of Arabia).

If not, ignore this…

-Bruce in Chi-Town


No, the dvds are not Superbit unfortunately.