Problem with chapter orders



I want to backup my new copy of LOTR 3. Previously I have ripped the main movie without subtitles etc using DVD decrypter from the 2 movie disks. I’ve then used VOB merge to give my self 5-6 VOB movie files after renaming etc. Using IFO edit I’ve created new IFO and BUP files and finally DVD shrink to get the whole thing to fit on 1 disk. Firstly before anyone thinks I’m mad its already worked perfectly for LOTR 1&2. I have a single disk that plays just the main movie that was originally on 2 disks. Mt problem now is that after doing this for my latest LOTR the chapter order is all wrong. I can see this in the IFO files when I open them but dont know how to change it. The VOB files are correctly ordered themselves and play fine. The one interesting thing I notice is that the first 18 chapters play fine, which incidentally is the first VOB. After that it goes haywire. All suggestion greatly received.

Will3001 :bow: