Problem With Certain DVD Players Reading DVD

I have just received a long awaited Family Reunion DVD prepared on a DVD-R. I have been tasked with sending out copies to family members. I have been making copies on my computer using DVD-R. It plays great on my fairly new DVD player. However, when I try to play the copy on a very cheap DVD player it keeps displaying bad DVD on the screen. I am afaid to send the copied DVDs out becuase they seem to only work on certain DVD players. Should I be using a different type of DVD to record on that would be more universal? I did not list any name brands in my question as I am not sure if that is allowed on this cite. I tried to get some guidance at the store where I purchased the blank DVD’s, however, they did not have the experience in the subject matter to answer my questions.

This is a question many of us face.

Basically, if you have a Dual Format drive with Bit Setting, you can usually make test burns in multiple formats and see which works best.

Also, if you use brand-name stuff like Verbatim, you have a better chance of good playback. Cheap disks, like store brands, etc. may have playback problems.

I have found that if I use Verbatim DVD-R, I have good luck with most players. But sometimes if I use Verbatim DVD+R and bit setting the disk to DVD-ROM, I can get playback with those other troublesome drives. Sometimes even the standard DVD+R disks not bit set (left as DVD+R) work pretty well, though mainly with newer players.

I do wish you luck. It can be a difficult proposition to get universal compatibility.