Problem with cdrwin



cdrwin doesnt recognice my 40125w anymore, Anybody got some suggestion


I thought the 40125W was to new to be recognized by CDRWin. But it’s kinda hard to keep track of all the various CDR-Win floating around by now…

Well if it was supported, did you change anything or did it just pop dead?

But if it is what I’m thinking, my bet is that you’ll have to wait until Golden Hawk (or whomever is producing CDR-Win by now) releases an updated version, with support.


wel let me make things clear, I buyd the 40125s and burnd with it in cdrwon 4.0a then i upgraded it to 40125w and cdrwin still recogniced it, Then i reinstald my windows put cdrwin 4.0a back on it and now it keeps saying cant find cd recorder on scsi / ide bus so its very weird to me

greetz sphere


My guess is CDRWin didn’t notice you had a “new” burner. Maybe it displayed 5W, but it belived it was a 5S, and used the same controlparameters…

But if I’m not mistaken, you can “edit” CDRWin to make it support new drives… But I can’t help you with that.
Try searching around.


:frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: I put back my original firmware but he still doesnt see him

im despret

but we will find the solution

greetz sphere


Hmmz this is verry odd, I instald cdrwin 3.8g now after reading some posts instead of 4.0a and now its recogniced

well anyways tnx airhead you helpt me around

now i can finaly burn my svcd and watch it

cheers m8’s


Just been reading forum on cdrwin and I can’t get my lite-on model LTR-40125s to be recognized by cdrwin.

I persumed I had to wait for an update before I could use the program but you said you have had the program running with your writer.

I am using CDRWIN version 4.0A.

Any suggestions?



maybe do as sphere man? use 3.8G…

I don’t use CD-R win, never found anything to use it for so…I don’t use it…

I only use Nero, CD-Mate and CloneCD.


Download the latest version from Goldenhawk, as they have a naughty habit of changing stuff, but not announcing it and keeping the same version number. :frowning:
Even if you have 4.0A or 3.8G, they might be old…


Will download new version and let you know how I get on.

I don’t usually use cdrwin except for doing my Karaoke cdg disks.

CDRWIN lets you select songs from each cd instead of having to back up complete cd. I know diskjuggler also does this but I find diskjuggler a twat to use.

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