Problem with CDRW TEAC 12x

I have TEAC 12x CD-Burner running W98, in Board DFI CA64-TC UDMA100 VIA 694x IDE with Pentium 3.
I have altered my BIOS settings, downloaded Service Pack 4.37 in www:// and
installed the drivers. The Computer only have installed the Win98, Board drivers and Nero 5.504, and video drivers, no more.

The ploblem is:
CDRW running 6x and very bad.:mad:

When burning a full CD 12x takes about 14 min) and my buffer is never full.:frowning:

I have more Boards, and this CDRW running very well on them, for example, Boards ECS, SOYO.

If you have information, please take me it.

Anyone else having the same problem with this chipset ?

Best regards


Enable your DMA for this drive!
If you run Win98 you can check DMA if you goto your CDRW and lookup it’s properties.