Problem with cdrw disc

I have a CDRW disc and its got a lot of scratches on it. Is there a way i can Erase the disc and mark the bad sectors so it will work?

Theoretically, it could be possible… but I am pretty sure (99,9999%) that nobody ever did implement such a thing. Kinda hard I guess since a CDRW writes consecutive. Imagine the proces

  1. read some kind of error table from the disc
  2. start writing
  3. if the next position of the laser is a marked one, skip that one to the next good position
  4. continu writing
  5. writing finished
  6. put info in the table of the disc that serveral files are spread over the disc

conclusion: this could work, but the disc would not be cdrom compliant, and not readable…

Hey i found InCD that comes with nero can do it. It marks the bad sectors an stuff. :bigsmile: