Problem with CD-RW rewritable (Office Depot)



I have no trouble viewing CDs and DVDs already
used by others but when I try to open a brand-new
CD-RW, I get a window telling me to insert a disk
in the D drive, even though I keep putting one in.

No problem with new floppies, by the way.

Am I missing some way to format a new disk? Left
click, right click, nothing comes up about formatting.
I click on “Explore”, and same old thing. Insert a disk!

It’s driving me crazy.


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Do you have Alcohol installed?


What software are you using to write the CD-RW with?


More questions–Have you tried a different brand of disc? What is your operating system and software for the drive.
There is generally NO reason to Format a RW. This is true for both new and used discs. Erasing it is usually more than enough and the software should do this for you. In fact, some programs will ask you to let it do it. If you have an older program consider using Ashampoo (my choice) as it is very drive compliant and does virtually all tasks. Alcohol is also supposed to be good along with others recommended here.