Problem with CD-RW LXR-40122A


I have some problems since a few weeks with my LXR-40122A.

It is used with a notebook (windows XP) + NERO and it has been worked very good before.

But now it is only detected as a CD Rom unit and shows something like that in windows config :

Ì|ôEíìXò-ô0ñ2ò à à à USB Device

I have completely reinstalled Windows XP but the problem continues…

Does somebody have any idea ?


Try the dive on another PC and see if it works there.
Try another USB cable.

I’ve tried with another PC : same problem !

I cannot change USB cable because it is the special cable provided by liteon and plugged on CD-RW.

If you have tried the drive on another PC with the same result I cannot recommend anything else to try. Sounds like the drive may be toast. You may want to contact LiteOn and see if they can recommend anything and/or give you an RMA number if it’s still under warranty.