Problem with CD R/W


I have a Compaq presario running Win ME with a CD R/W Philips model, CDD 4801/72.

2 weeks ago, the CD R/W started making weird noises and crashing the PC. This happened so often what the only thing i could do was to disconnect it.

What can be done? can a driver update fix this problem? if it can, does anybody know where to find them?

thanks in advance.

I’m very sorry but I think that you have to buy a new burner.
It happened to my last burner too. Happily I had a valid warrranty so with just a small additional payment I could buy the newest model because mine was obsoleted.

Hmm it could be defective, but it doesn’t have to be so.

The noised that you hear, could they be caused by some kind of mechanical failure? maybe the disc loading mechanism or something like that is stuck?

It’s kinda hard to guess what the problem can be, since we can’t hear it. Perhaps you could record a tiny mp3 of the sound and put it online, so we can guess a little better what’s going on down there…