Problem with CD content reload in Windows Explorer



Please help me. When a CD disk (or DVD) is changed in my DVD-ROM (Pionner 110 writer) I can’t reload the new CD’s content in Windows Explorer. Pressing F5 doesn’t help at all. When I eject the disk and press F5 the message “Please insert the disc…” appears and everything works fine then when I put the disk back in cd drive. That thing piss me off :frowning:

Plus sometimes when I put the disk back the explorer shows that the empty disk is presented in drive (see 2.JPG shot attached). CD properties window also shows the 650 mb is free (see 3.jpg), BUT the Nero Multimounter window shows the disk is full (see 2.jpg). Actually the disc is full, not empty.

The problem expires when I reboot the computer only.

Could anyone give me an advice how to fix this problem? Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

I have Windows ME installed.