Problem with CD Burner...Can U Help?

Hello! I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions on why this may be happening. My Uncle bought me a CD Burner for my birthday and installed it and also installed CloneCD and Easy CD Creator…when I first tried copying a CD on both some songs were coming out staticy…so we kept trying reducing the speed each time. Finally at 8 the static was gone but a couple of songs had one little skip in them. But one CD we copied also turned out fine with no flaws. So I tried slowing the speed to 6 and I still got one little skip on one song in the CD. What could be causing the skip? I mean…it’s not that bothersome…but if I want to cipy a game CD if there is a skip like that…maybe it would mess up the game??

Any suggestions?

hey thats funny, I get the same thing but notice it moreso when I turn up the bass on burns. I found that burning at 4x makes perfect flawless burns for me. I don’t know why this happens, maybe its a weird combination of hardware (burner) to media (cdr blanks). Also I noticed that expensive cdr’s work at higher speeds. Maybe its the dye they use in cheap cd blanks. What brand name media are you using??? Personally I found that TDK, SONY, and Memorex work best with my burner for music. Rytek Dye based cd blanks just hiss or skip. This is especially so in th ecar stereo. Lets see what others have to say.