Problem with CCE while creating DVD from AVI

hello everybody;
lately, my DVD2SVCD (version, with which I usually create DVD from AVI, gives me the following error: “according to the registry, the type of file specified in AVIFileOpen does not have a handler to process it” while starting the video processing by CCE.
I thought it had to do with video codecs, but I re-installed both xvid and divx codecs, to no avail - both formats keep giving me the same error message.
Any ideas?

Can you play the AVI file? If so, then you have the proper codecs. You can also use G-Spot to see if you have the codecs installed. G-Spot will tell you what codec is needed and if you have them or not. G-Spot is a free utility for download.

It is definitely no codec problem. GSpot says it’s OK, and all my AVI files play well. Still, something having to do with AviSynth, CCE or any video rendering application is not working right, and I still have no idea what!!!

Sorry hmemo no help/ideas here. I like your idea of looking to dvd2svcd and it’s programs in order to remedy the problem. I would start udating programs like newer version of dvd2svcd (1.2.2 build 3)…if it were me. It sounds like, after carefully reading your posts, that this is happening every time you try to convert avi to dvd now.Also, if it is happening every time and not too much time has passed, a system restore might help. Just guesses on my part. Maybe someone else can help?

thank you, F-Buckfifty.
In effect, it happens with every file and format I have tried ever since. I tried system restore, but to no avail. I’ll try newer versions of DVD2SVCD. In the meantime I found out that there’s no way to uninstall the program, not even thru the Control Panel, so I’ll just erase anything having to do with it. I just hope installing a new version will replace whatever is left in the registry with the new installation.

Good Luck,

I checked my “add / remove programs” listing and DVD2SVCD was there. I have uninstalled v1.2.2.1 before. I wonder if you have a choice to use an installation program or not in the beginning when doing the install? I know Mozilla Firefox was like that at one time.

Sorry I was of little help. Post back, if you have time, I would like to know how it worked out.

tnx F-Buckfifty ;
I’ll try some versions of DVD2SVCD I’ve downloaded. It seems not all of them include the AVI2DVD addon. Do you know how can i get it separately?

not sure…but can you re-install avisynth and then try again?

It seems not all of them include the AVI2DVD addon. Do you know how can i get it separately?

No I don’t know, but, I have v1.2.2.1 in a zip file and I could send it to you. It has avi2dvd in the zip file. I don’t know how to get it to you I don’t want to post my email address the spammers would probably crush me! Any suggestions.

if you have emule, put it it your shared folder and give it a distinctive name, such as: “a2d for hmemo”.
That’d really help!!!

will give you the full package…

Check, server Razorback 2.

I’ve never used a p2p before but I think I got it right.

This is v1.2.2.1 as I said. I use it because the most recent build (v1.2.2.3) has a problem with full screen in certain conversion/encodes. It (build 3) leaves black bars on the sides.

thank you both, damiandimitri and f-buckfifty!!!
I downloaded the program from the website and now it seems to work just fine! I seem to have had a corrupted version.
f-buckfifty, I haven’t found the file in emule yet. If i find it, I’ll give it a try nevertheless.
The most important thing is, that i won’t have to format my pc, as has happened in the past when i thought there was a complex change to be made in the registry.
Thanks again!!!

For a 4:3 avi you need to select “16:9(Borders added, encode as 4:3)” would you believe. :stuck_out_tongue: I’ve raised this problem with the author and should be fixed in next version, but thats anyones guess when that will happen. :bigsmile:

You should be using 1.2.2 b3 as it has the latest updates of the software it uses and authoring now works 100%. For avi to dvdr you can also keep the AC3 audio now if it contained it.

I’ll give 1.2.2 b3 a “second try”. :slight_smile: A 4:3 avi was my first attempt with that build to dvdr. Needless to say I didn’t like the borders on the side and I uninstalled 1.2.2 b3 on the spot. A bit abrupt on my part.

For a 4:3 avi you need to select “16:9(Borders added, encode as 4:3)” would you believe.

What will the end result look like? I assume borders will be added at the top and bottom as suggested above (Borders added, encode as 4:3).

No, it will come out perfect 4:3 with no borders if the input file was 4:3. Chop a bit of the AVI off with Virtualdub and run it through D2S with the option I suggested. Then you will see all is well. The problem comes when you have a captured AVI at say 720x480 wich is not 4:3 by dimension but is 4:3 when playedback. D2S cant handle these at the moment unless you modify the avisynth script manually.

Thanks for the info I’ll give it a try whenever the 4:3 thing comes up again. :iagree: