Problem with cars

I am having a problem with playback on Disney’s Cars. The movie copies fine, with no problems. However, when playing back it freezes about half way through the movie. The rest of the movie is there, it just gets hung up. Any thoughts what is causing this? I have tried it in three dvd players and they all get stuck.

I am using Anydvd and Icopydvds2

Any ideas?

This is most likely a burning issue.
Is your firmware up to date?
What brand name are the discs you’re using?
What burning speed are they rated at?
What speed are you burning at?
ImgBurn is an excellent program for burning. Give that a shot.

I had the samething happen with my copy. I then played the original and it to had the exact problem until i cleaned the original. It seems an errant finger print was causing the problem.

Firmware is up to date
media: Maxell DVD-R up to 16X (I have used this media for all my movies and this is the first movie to give me problems)
Icopydvd’s does have a choice for speed, so I assume that it is recording at the fastest speed available (16x)

The original plays just fine in all three players.

Try burning at 8x and you really should consider ImgBurn for burning. It has excellent reviews. Many here will recommend ImgBurn.

I got it to work with Anydvd and dvdfab express. Works great.

Thanks for the help.