Problem with Car DVD player

I have many kids movies and somehow they keep getting scratched :slight_smile: So, I have decided to back up the originals and only let the kids watch the copy. I was able to make my first copy and it plays fine in the home DVD player but for some reason my car DVD player does not recognize the DVD. Any suggestions or ideas as to what this problem could be?

Some players are just pickier about burned disks than others. Here are a few things to try.

First, use high quality media. We recommend Verbatim brand disks as a safe choice for most burners and players. Another good choice is Taiyo Yuden (found at online sites in the US, like and Sony brand can be acceptable for most burners, if you can’t get the first two.

Second, slow down the burn speed to about 8x if you are using 16x disks. With the Verbatim disks you can burn at 8x or 12x.

And the last thing you can try is to change booktype of +R disks to make them look like a commercially made dvdrom. We would have to know the make and model burner you have, in order to tell you if it can bitset (change booktype) with +R disks. The other alternative is to just buy -R disks instead.

I would advise not using RW disks (re-writeable disks) in a picky player. They might work, but it just adds another possible problem area to the whole situation.

Thank you for the insight. Right now I’m using HP DVD+R media. I’m not sure on its quality. I’m going to order some verbatim discs but I have a question.

Let’s say the only copy of the movie I want to burn is the one that will NOT play on my car DVD player. If I make a copy of the “bad” movie and put it on the new verbatim discs …is it possible that it will now work on my car DVD player? Or is the damage already done?

Thanks again!


Change the +R for -R - use Verbatim 16x -R and burn at 8x using reliable DVD conversion burning program such as DVDFab Gold or Platinum (which you can get a free - full version 21 day trial - to try before you buy)IMO-eh

I’d just go from the original again instead of making a copy of your copy. That said, if the copy plays without problems on a stand alone player in your home, it should be a good enough source for your new dvd.