Problem with bw5 and bf1942 disk 1

not sure why but bw5 is having a real hard time copying bf1942 even with autoplay…this is a safedisk 2.6 title so i am not sure why bw5 is having such a problem with it…alc120 etc. copy it fine…this is the second older safedisk title that i am having problems with bw5 is anyone else having issues with some of these older safedisk titles and bw5? i got one of the copies of halo finally to work by slowing down read speed…this title wont work by even slowing down the read speed.:confused:

ok slowing it down seemed to work but it is either not writing autoplay information to the disk in bw5 5.0.120 or not installing autoplay client or just doesnt hide the atip correctly…ie when i install alc120 and use it just to ignore media the title plays??:confused: :confused:

bug is in newest version of autoplay not hiding cdr media.