Problem with Buslink USB external drive

Hi everybody, hope somebody can help me this one…

Buslink external 60gig USB 2/1.1 drive. This guy gets alot of travel and is jacked into 3 different machines any given day…or atleast was. Host machines range in speed from 2ghz to p5/233, OS’s include XP Home, WinME, Win98se.

One day while using the device attatched to p5/233 win98 (which is a laptop) The power fluttered and the laptop shut down while still accessing the buslink. Couple of reboots before I could see the drive again, alot of the data was hashed, some still readable, but 1 big hosed directory.

Gave up for the day after screwing around awhile. Next day, plugged into the big dog, the 2ghz running xp…it could not access the drive. uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers, rebooted, powercycled the buslink…still no go, laptops still sees it fine. Only the laptop can see this drive right now…

Question is twofold, and I’m sorry for such a long post, but I did’nt want to post sketchy info.

  1. since Buslink came with no recovery tools, is it fair to guess this is a standard fat32 partition? it can be seen by 98 and ME as easily as XP (XP is running on native ntfs). If this is the case, can’t I remove the drive from the case, fdisk/repartition/reformat the drive?

  2. What would cause the drive to no longer be accessible to the other 2 machines same drive installed when it could see them before?

Any help or suggestions appreciated…:slight_smile: :bow:

that one kind of stumps me… but this is what I would do anyway - I’d try and salvage as much as possible of the readable data to the laptop and back em up, then, since much of the disk is b*ggered, just reformat the drive and hopefully that should set everything as it was.