Problem with burns on LiteOn 812s

I’ve burned about a dozen or so DVD backups of my movies on my 812s but on a majority of them part way through the movie there is like a little hiccup where the movie freezes and will not play. Would this be a problem with the burner/media by any chance? Has anyone else resolved this problem?

What media are you using? Could you provide a KProbe2 scan?

I am using Fujifilm DVD-R and burning at 2x. I do not know what KProbe2 is… I’m a n00b :stuck_out_tongue:

The Media Forum has a KP2 thread stickied. Do a disc quality scan using KP2 (be sure to set the scanning speed to 4x!), use the disk button at the top to save the results, and include that in your next post.

Here is the scan I did once I figured the program out. I’m sorry if I didn’t scan it right, I scanned an already burnt DVD that I was sure had the hiccup problem I told you about. I have no idea how to read the charts so I don’t know what it means but I guess it gives the experts here a lot of info.

EDIT: I have no webspace to post this image on. :frowning:

Save the results and upload the picture through the manage attachments button when you are posting,Kprobe2 saves as png so upload that format.

Hi mikehartl

we have found that the liteon 812s burns dvd+r MUCH better then dvd-r, regarless of the firmware used. I am currently using the vs0a 832s firmware (like yourself from the kprobe scan) and gettin excellent results with ritek dvd+r media.

Even the tyg01 ('premium dvd-r disks) dont give really decent burns on the 812s - for me at least, ive tried everything, some have luck with these but… but VERY few have probs burning +r thats for sure.

So, use dvd+r and see how you go. My recommendations are ritek dvd+r (sold as ridata) and any of the dvd+r media thats ‘ricohjpnr01’ (this is the media code of the disk - in your krpobe scan you can see the media code of you fuji disks was ritekg03).

The reason your movie will hang now and then when your watching (yep happens to me, blooding annoying i know! ive found out its the ammount of PI and PIF errors) if you PI are below 280 and your PO below 4, you should have no probs, but as you can see your PI was regulary going about 4 (around the 7 mark) and had a few big spikes too - all in all, adds up to your dvd player not being able to play that little part - hence the slight and sudden ‘hang-ups’ now and then (you usually have to review then ffwd to pass these otherwise they will keep making your movie lock up there when your watching it).

Check out this scan I just done of a movie I burnt. These ritekr03 are absolutely the bomb for the 812s! I was always a ricohjpnr01 user (with PI’s averaging around 80-120) and PIF always below 4 (the very odd glitch - but not enough to make the disk lock when playing at that point thank god) but now these ritekr03’s give me PI’s no greater then 50 usually, and PIF’s excellent too. See the scan, I left it untouched, code65536/seniors, Ive noticed the r03’s ive burn (all at 8x) (im using omni 1.3.8 with all options ticked and recommened tweaks applied) see at the first and more serious second spikes that cause a PIF of 4 and 8 respectively, they have corresponding high rises in the PI, is this something with the burn speed going from 6->8 or something? (I dont really understand this) but it should be caused its got all the force ticks etc set in omni 1.3.8 when I create my vs0a to flash… hmmm… sorry for my vaugeness, but just thought Id ask - anything to make the burns better!

best regards

Thank you for the reply, I have learned a lot from it and decided I will infact try DVD+R media, that is very logical. I have one more question:

So would you suggest getting this Ritek Media:

Or This media:

Or is 4x…

Or 8x the way to go?:

And as for CD-Rs, is Ritek still the best bet? I was thinking of getting these as well:

Your welcome

The problem is none of those urls you povided give media codes. BUT i can safely say, the 10pack spindle of ritek (ridata) dvd+r i bought have the same blue with yellow arrow on the cardboard as the first url you provided does. I have not bought any riteks that come in the red wrapping (your other 3 links) so cant comment from experience there, but chances are they’d be ok - especially the 8x media most likely, but if I was to have to choose I would buy the media in the first link.

Its funny actually, I burnt a CDR the other day (1st time in a while since DVD now) but its an old spindle of TDKs that I have (blue label, white and silver top disk) (a very popular and reliable cdr media for years for me) and i thought mm- why dont I fire up krpobe? … can u krpobe on cdr? … answer:you bet! PI and PIF change to C1 and C2 respectively, but wow, talk about low errors! I burnt it at 40x (the 812s’s top speed for cdr) and i let the scan get to about 40% and canceled it. Not a SINGLE C2 error! and only 3 or 4 C1 errors (which were values of 1 and 2 i think! haha) if only dvds could be so nice :slight_smile: But i just thought it worth mentioning this because, surprise surprise, the TDK disks were identified by krpobe as Ritek media! :slight_smile: So I wouldnt hesistate in ritek cdrs I guess, that looks like a pretty good buy for you too, 100 pack for $20.

best regards