Problem with burning TV shows. Help please



:confused: I recently tried to burn a copy of “King Of The Hill” from the DVD of the 1st season.When I tried to burn a full lenght version of the dvd. It does not play at all, I think something about compressing all that information like, langauges, menus, trailers, ext. causes some soft of problem. So I tied to burn just a “feature film” without all the special features but when I do that it only copies the first episode and the disk has 4 episodes on it. How do I burn all 4 episodes from the single disk?


You need to list more information. Your computer specs, and more importantlly, the dvd drive you are using to burn, the software, and most important the media as it is identified by dvd identifier. compression is part of the dvd standard. Any and all dvd players will play a compressed disk. Some might not like recorded disks, but that is another matter.
The disk should play if you compress the whole disk, it should play if you only do a few options.
Please list more info about what you are using (the burner and media are most important).
about media. It doesn’t matter what brand it is, so to save some time, use dvd identifier, and find the manufacture id and whatever it lists next. The media code (manufacture id) tells what the disk really is. Many major brands use several difrent disks so this info is critical.


HP Pavilion a1210n
Operating System - Microsoft Windows XP Professional

Processor - AMD Athlon 64 Processor 3500+
Version - x86 Family 15 Model 47 Stepping 2
Current Speed - 2200 MHz

512 MB Memory
200 GB Hard Drive

Software - 123COPY DVD

The problem is when I try to make a copy to copy DVD I have to do a Feature Film no extras (menus, all langauges, trailers and ext.) When I try to do a feature film It only copies 1st episode on the dvd where as there are 4 episodes to the dvd, :confused: :confused:


Your system is more than capable. You didn’t tell what drive you had or what disks you were using, but I’m guessing that the problem is 123 copy dvd. There are a lot of softwares out there but there are only a couple that every one uses because they are the best and they dont screw up. To make things simple, download anydvd and clone dvd. these are pay softwares but they have a free trial and I’m guessing that they will do what you want flawleslly with well working disks (if not, maybe it is your drive or media but you didn’t list what those were). I personally use nero and anydvd (again , pay software). There are free tools that will do it all for you (good ones). One you have troubleshooted with clonedvd/anydvd, and I’ll assume that will work, yu know the problem was your software. Then either buy the software or ask about the free ones (many people use them). Personally I use anydvd and nero for most, but thats just my prefrences. Nero also has a free trial, but being a biger program, you might want to ask what options to use (you want recode, not express). Thats not waht you install, just what you use cause nero has many programs. Most important, do not get nero 7, it is new and buggy as hell. get nero 6 if you wanna try nero.


Iam sorry I just getting started with computers I don’t now much yet. I am not sure what my drive is not familiar with all the aspects of computers. I am not sure this is what you mean but I will say Lightscribe DVD± WRITER/ CD Writer The disks are TDK DVD-R 1-16x 4.7gb and Merorex DVD-R 1-16x 4.7gb Thanks for all the help. I think it just might be the software. Also thanks for the advice on the other software, I will look into them. :o :o :o :o :doh: :doh:


This is the first thing you need to learn, reguardless of your problem (and it may be the cause of your problem). Memorex doesn’t actually manufacture any media. Memorex is infact, the worst total media slut of all time. They will buy any media that they can get cheap. It is quite normal for various brands to use other peoples media.
Take any disk you have, blank or burned, drop it in any of your computer drives. run dvd identifier
it will give a manufacture id etc.
Your tdk is most liklly ttho2, your memorex might be cmcmagam3 or ritekf1. These id’s tell what the disk actually is (who made it, what it is). the brand is insignificant. It tells nothing.
download cdspeed (its free), and it will tell you what your drive is. beyond that, all I can sugest, is if you want to use 16x media, use verbatim 16x+r (which will carry a media code of mcc004). There are others that are mcc004, like office max 16x+r, but not all office max 16x+r is mcc004. There are certain markings on the pack to look for.
If we knew what your drive was, we could tell you if it could scan (many burners can scan a disk that you have already burned and give an error report of sorts. You can get a pretty acurate idea how well the disk burned, and believe it or not, it varies from exceptional to no way in hell one bit of that disk could be readable. Even with good media, your drive has to support it and be able to burn it well.