Problem with burning speed



I have a Sony dru500ax burner.
Ever since I had to do a reinstall of Win XP Pro my burning speed is 50-60 minutes no matter what speed media I use.
I use CopytoDVD to burn and use DVDOne or DVD XCopy.
I recently started using ANYDVD instead of DVDDECRYPTER. But I was having the speed problem before I started using it.
With Optodisc dvd-r 2x discs I was able to get a 25-30 minute burn before the reinstall.
I also did a motherboard upgrade, Corsair ddr 3200 XMS memory (1 gb ) and went from an Athlon Thunderbird 1.4 to an Athlon 2800 Xp Cpu.
The system flys except for these burning speeds.
I have the latest aspi layer installed.
This problem is happening no matter what program I use to burn the dvd with.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Check your DMA settings:

Go to Device Manager/IDE ATA/ATAPI Controllers - right click and select proerties/Advanced Settings.

If Transfer Mode is set to “PIO Only”, change it to “DMA if Available”. Then re-boot your machine and check your settings again.

If XP hasn’t captured your new settings, you may need to uninstall the IDE Controller and let XP find it on re-boot automatically. There is a bug in XP and this often causes probs, most often after a system freeze or a crash.