Problem with burning speed

Hi all,

I have read the FAQ and searched the forums already, but I didn’t find any post that would help me to solve my problem:

A few weeks ago I bought a LiteOn LXR-40122C USB 2.0 compatible burner. It is supposed to have a 40x-12x-40x speed, but each time I burn a CD it never burns faster than 5 or 6x. My computer specs are the following:

Fujitsu-Siemens Laptop Series C1020
Celeron 1.5Ghz
254 MB RAM
20 GB HD
Windows ME
USB 2.0 port

I burn using NERO, bundled.

I’m not sure whether WinME has drivers that support USB 2.0, but even if the burner uses USB 1.1 to connect to the computer it should allow me to burn considerably faster than just 6x. I think I followed all the installation instructions correctly (yes, I even installed the drivers from the floppy :bigsmile:) and I cannot think in any other ways to try to solve this problem since my knowledge on this subject is not that great.

Any ideas on how I could tackle this problem are most welcome.

4-6x is about what you should expect from USB-1. Go to device manager and look for an “enhanced” USB controller in addition to the standard USB entries. If It’s not there then you are running at USB-1.

You are right, I’m running under USB 1. I also checked with the IT support guys here at the uni and they told me our ‘version’ of the C series laptops had USB 1.1 instead of v2.0 to make them cheaper and affordable for students…

This is what you get if you try to get your system through the uni… it simply sucks. :frowning: Oh well, 10 mins per CD is still not too bad… can’t wait to get hold of a desktop.

Thanks a million.