Problem with burning on an internal disk drive

When inputting a new CD-R onto my drive to burn, it only burns partway and then stops. I’ve tried cleaning the drive by using a disk lens cleaner but to no avail. Any idea what could be causing the problem? And is it fixable?

Are you using a burning program, or are you just using the built in writing capability of the operating system?

If you are using a program, you should post the failed burn log here.

You might also try some different programs, like CDBurnerXP or ImgBurn for this, and see if there is any difference. The burn log in ImgBurn can be found within the program by clicking on Help–>ImgBurn logs.

I’m Roxio which is very good.

Sorry about the spelling!

[QUOTE=richncali;2477962]I’m Roxio which is very good.[/QUOTE]

What version are you using? Just from my experience Roxio isn’t a very good burning program. Also the type of media quality can affect burns as well as how fast your burning. Also if you multitasking when burning your gurantee bad burns or coasters.

Roxio 2010…I’ve burned many movies w/o prblms…any way of testing the drive?

See if you can find a burn log, or try one with ImgBurn and post that log file. Tell us the make and model burner that you have and the type of disks you are using.