Problem with burning .img file with DVD shrink

I downloaded a dvd bittorrent and when it was finished there were 95 .rar files in the folder bittorrent created. I extracted the first .rar file using Winrar and it made a 4.4 gb .img file.

I’ve had experience copying dvds using DVD shrink in conjunction with Nero, but this is the first time I’ve tried to burn a dvd from a downloaded image file. So, I enter DVD shrink and click the open files button and direct it to the folder where the .img file is. A prompt comes up saying it can’t find a .ifo file. So, I go to the File menu and select open disc image and select the .img file. A new prompt comes up that says that there was an error because of an invalid dvd navigation structure.

What am I doing wrong? Will any program burn this .img file? Did I extract the image properly? Thanks for any help.

piracy is against the forum rules, which you should know being the responsible forum-goer that you are. thread closed.