Problem With Burning/Eraseing CDRW on 3540A

i tryed several burning toolz…
did firmware upgrade… to 1.04…
and nothing helps…

any ideas what can i do?

it just cant see that the disk is present…

and i got no problems with burning dvds…

thx ahead 4 da help :slight_smile:

Is this CDRW detected in another drive?
What’s the exact brand/model of your CDRW disc?
Can you burn regular CDR? Read CDs?

its bad!!!
my 3540a cant read any cds… or cdrw…
whats wrong with it???
how can i fix it?

I don’t think you can. The drive has a different laser for CDR and DVDR, and whenever one works and the other fails (assuming it fails with several different media, which is the case here), this means that the drive is faulty.

Unless one of your burning apps seriously messes up something. You can still try to deactivate XP’s built-in CDR burning, remove all packet-writing software, uninstall all burning apps, re-install only Nero and see if things change, but I doubt it.

If this fails, time to RMA I guess… :frowning: - I had two 3540 (and a BEnq 1640) with this CDR failing issue, after a HD crash I could finally blame all this to the low quality PSU :doh: and since I changed the PSU no more problems. :cool:

but what is RMA ? and what is PSU ?

RMA - Return Materials Authorisation - the authority from the supplier to return the drive for replacement.
PSU - Power Supply Unit.

@[B]X-MAN[/B]: Sorry for the computer geek mambo-jambo :bigsmile:
@[B]TimC[/B]: thanks for the translation :cool: