Problem with Burning DVD+R

I’m sort of new to the whole DVD burning scene, and I just ripped a copy of Grandma’s Boy (a funny ass movie, I might add) with Ahead Nero Ultra after using AnyDVD to beat the protection. So now I’ve got a 4 gig folder called VIDEO_TS. I burned it with no problems using Nero to a DVD-R, several times actually. However, if I put in a DVD+R, it tells me to insert a blank DVD-R/RW. I thought DVD+R and DVD-R were practically the same? My burner is a Pioneer DVD R/RW. It’s a few years old. Is my burner not capable of writing to DVD+R? I have not experiemented with other programs, because my computer is getting bogged down with useless software anyways.

Any suggestions would be nice, and please excuse my noobyness.

The first guess is you own good guess may be your drive is not dual DVD writer, you can go to the Pioneer site and check your drive model there to see if this drive have capability of writing and recognizing DVD+R and RW, if not, you can buy the newer drive with full capability these day for around $30 and use your pioneer as CD-ROM.