Problem with burning Directory

Hello Members,

I am facing some problem while using Nero SDK 1.05 version with VC++.
I am taking reference from Nero Sample example “NeroFiddles”. But this example is writing one file at a time.
I want to write one Directory which is containing two or more files.
I have made NERO_ISO_ITEM of my Directory. I don’t know this part is right one or not. but when I am Burning the CD it is giving me message like
“Burning Aborted by user”. I am not knowing where i look for this.
Can any body face like this problem prev. or guess where exactly the mistake?
Can anybody help me out?

reply me asap.
Thanking you in advance.

It is hard to say what you are doing wrong without being able to see a relevant code snippet.

Generally, you should create an item using NeroCreateIsoItem and then fill its fields appropriately. Connect items into a tree using subDirFirstItem and nextItem. You can also take a look at my reply in this thread.<!-- / message -->