Problem with burning C.Ds




It wud be grateful , if some1 pls help me by solving this problem of mine :slight_smile:

Whenever I burn a blank C.D , in the end of the process it says burning process failed.Cos of this I’ve lost about 5-7 blank C.Ds :sad:

I use LITE - ON SHW 1635SX DVD - CD R/RW

Nero - Nero express 6.6

Sony C.D-R Supremas 700 MB

After dragging & dropping the desired files onto the nero express tool, I clicked the next botton & the tool shows

  • H: lite -on DVDRW SHW 1635S (C.D R/ RW)
    *48x (7,200 kb/s)
  • multi session disc

Next I clicked the burn button & it shows
Buffer underrun protection activated
Catching of files started
Catching of files completed
Burn process activated at 48x (7,200 kb/s)

After abt 15min it showz either burn process failed at 48x or 100 % burn process is completed.Even if it showz 100% completed , on occasions ther wont be any files on tht C.D…Tht C.D is thus wasted sinz its not a re-writable one !!

Pls help me

thanks a lot



thanks a lot for the link…Went thru it & did as per the contents …But in my pc, its already “DMA If Available”. & not PIO …Wat next ??


But what’s the next line - it should say UDMA Mode 2 in the current transfer box.
The other thing is burning a little slower, say 24x. even at this speed a burn should complete in 5 mins, not the 15mins you’re saying yours takes.

Do you really want Multi-Sessions? This is a check box in Nero.


48x = approx 3mins
24x = approx 3.5mins
16x = approx 5 mins.

If your UDMA is not the issue (aka you have UDMA if available & the burner is using UDMA moda (or even multi-word dma2) this should be okay.

Please download (if you don’t have it already) Nero cdspeed. Please benchmark a DVD if you have one available.

Also, nero has an infotool which can generate a log.
Please post your nero infotool log between “[ Code ]” & " [ /Code ]" tags (minus the spaces), important remove your serial if possible.

Unfortunately the problem you are experiencing can be caused by many things … conflicting programs, aspi layer corruption, EZCD, ide drivers corrupted/ not working, hardware faults, cable faults & etc, etc.

The nero infotool log will help us fast-track alot of the usual questions.


Try the following:

  1. Delete the IDE Drivers from Device Manager and restart your system.
  2. Windows will re-install those drivers upon restart.
  3. Ensure DMA is enabled (if not, enable it)

Try burning and let us know the results.