Problem with burning at 4x

I bought a new NEC ND2500a (8x dvd-r and dvd+r). I bought Memorex 4x dvd-r media, thinking that possibly it might burn at 8x, but the only option in Nero is 2x and 4x. That’s fine, but when I tried to burn a full disc at 4x, it took 1 hour 20 min. Nero is saying it is burning at 4x, but I think it is taking the same time as when I burned at 2x with my old Pioneer burner. What’s wrong here?
BTW, when the burning started Nero said “Remaining time: 15:30”, but that went to 0:00 and stayed like that for the rest of the burn.

I had Nero doing the same thing . Don’t know if you noticed but when it was doing the burn, the buffer only went to 20% and stayed there. Solution? Just uninstalled Nero, rebooted and reinstalled.:wink:

I moved this to the hardware forum, as it’s not really a media issue.
You can set Nero to show the actual real-time burn speed, consult the Nero forum.
However, this sounds like you have the drive running in PIO mode insteady of UDMA. Have a look in device manager under the IDE controller.