Problem with burning 900mb cds

hi guys
ihope that its right place to post

igot problems when trying burning 900mb cd using lg (gce-8525b)

itried to update firmware (from 1.01 to 1.05) from but no luck :frowning:

iam usig nero 5.5

so … is it possible with that driver

or do i need another software to burn that cd ? (any suggested names?)

thanks… :confused:

Lets see. You’re trying to burn wildly out of specification CDs (the specification is 650 or 700 mb, to fit 900 mb onto a disc the spiral has to be made way too tight), which, btw are only made by the crappiest blank makers, on an old almost obsolete burner with an old copy of Nero. It won’t matter what software or drivers you use, or whatever firmware you can find for that burner, it’s unlikely the best burner currently sold can reliably burn on that crap media. There is NO SUCH THING as reliable CD media larger than 700mb. Yes I know, you will whine “If that’s true why do they make and sell 900 mb media ???”. Answer: Because there are fools who don’t know any better and will buy it…

Yes, fully agree.

Grab the latest version of Nero CD/DVD Speed and perform an overburning TEST with such a media… You’ll see the results.

It’s a massive overburn, and some drives can’t (they try, but fail at some point before the end), some won’t (they will not accept anything over the reported media size, 79:59.74 ) and others will do it badly.

It also seems to be common for drives not to be able to read 90, 99 minute media, or to have severe difficulty towards the end.

If DVD writers had been a bit later, maybe support for “extra long CD” would be better, but with tha availability of a better solution for anything other than bog-standard audio, it seems they stopped caring about extra long CD.

1st thank u guys 4your replies
ok it seems 900 mb is afake
so why there is “overburn” such option with nero ?!

beside i dont think they r so dumps to do that , its avery silly way to sell (making cds not easy to make it needs huge companies) , and thats not only in my country its all over the world !!
i saw in many forums people asking my question all over the internet

idont know wats sure but iam still looking around

i heard about a software called “one iso” cand do such cds , ihaved looked 4it but no luck (even on

any one heard about it?


And the fool STILL insists on believeing he can find a combination of software and media to burn 900 mb on a disc.

I’m reminded of the old saying: What’s the difference between genius and stupidity ?

There are limits to genius…

Oh man, it’s hard to believe…

FACT is that CDs over 700mb are way over the standards and mostly lead to trouble, if not when burning, then when reading them back…
A software will not help you ever if your hardware is not capable of this to achieve.

My final words on this. Amen.

I’ve had nothing but trouble with these. Even if you can burn over 700MB successfully, you’ll be lucky to read the disk back. Stay with the standard 700MB media, you’ll be glad you did.

If you must learn the hard way, get a new LiteON burner, which may provide a better result (still likely to not read back and fail down the line).

Lemme throw my two cents worth in here…

Take it from those of us who know: You CANNOT burn 900 MB of data onto a 700 MB Disc and expect to RELIABLY be able to read it.

You said:
i heard about a software called “one iso” cand do such cds , ihaved looked 4it but no luck (even on

If you are dealing with an ISO image, some of them are over 800MB, but because of the format and compression used, the data does fit onto a 700MB disc.

If this is the case - you have an ISO image - then I’d suggest something like Alcohol 120% to burn it with. Nero can handle ISO’s also, but I don’t have as much experience with it.

Verbatim makes 800 meg cd’s but you must use the overburn feature to get the full capcity out of them. PCworld sells them, they are known as High Capacity CDR’s.

Description >>> VERBATIM 10PK 10 PACK CDR DISCS




I suppose if you wrote data onto these discs as Mode 2 XA data format you could get 900megs onto the discs as there would be no error correction. On a normal cdr (700 meg) if you write the data as mode 2 you can get 800 meg thats how video cds are written.

mode2maker is such a tool which will decrease the already crippled error-correction on such discs to allow burning more media to it beside the standards.

It’s a questionable solution, especially for “precious” content.

Find the tool in the tools section of

One thing to be clear on, a “normal” overburn means stealing some leadout space on a standard 74 / 80 min CD-R to use for data, at some risk to integrity in that area. It takes an extremely good overburning media to reach even 2 minutes more than capacity.

74 minute media follows the rules.
80 minute media bends the rules, with the tolerances skewed to to the edge of their limits.

90 minute media tears up the rule book, it is by definition, way out of normal tolerance.
99 minute media takes the rule book and makes confetti out of it. - it seems the englisg version is no longer available, bur the drive compatibility table is readable.

If you look at 's recent reviews, few drives can READ both 90 and 99, and many can’t read either.

Only other option is to use a DRIVE that can break the rules, with tricks such as HD-Burn (not well supported) or the other form of density shift - at 20% capacity increase, results may be readable on some other drives, but at 40%, they won’t be.

There seem to be some very strong opinions in this thread and personally I think calling a poster a fool for asking a reasonable question is a bit out of order!!

All I can say is that my daughter’s school provided Audio CDs of 2 school concerts on 2 x 900mb, 100min media ('MaxDisc" brand) and neither we nor any of our friends who received these CDs have experienced any problems with playback.

I have tested playing passages at the beginning and the end on a total of 3 PCs, 1 laptop, 2 cd players and 2 DVD players in our house with no problems!

I would like to burn copies of the CDs but I am prepared to accept that this operation could prove to be a bit dodgy and is not normally recommended - so much I have learned from this thread!

However, as an experiment I am prepared to give the copy operation a go (using 900mb CDs) if someone could confirm that using either Roxio (Easy CD Creator) Disk Copier or Nero Express on my LG GSA 4163B would work!

You have to conclude that the technician who provided a single CD for each of 2 concerts lasting just short of 100 minutes has performed an excellent service. It seems the CDs do ‘just what it says on the tin’ !

Try it your self by first testing it with Nero CD-DVD Speed - Extra - “Overburning Test”. As far as I know, the LG 4163B can overburn up to 95 mins on a 99mins CD-R but not sure about the result.

From the test results I’ve seen (at CDRINFO), an awful lot of drives can have problems reading to the end of 90 and/or 99 minute media, in some cases, the 99 works but the 90 doesn’t, so if that collection of assorted drives have all actually played TO THE END, then I’d say you are very lucky.

If you manage to do an XL media backup, I’d also suggest making a split to 3 CD, a single MP3 CD (for MP3 players, including many DVD players), or a DVD Audio or DVD Video (low video bitrate) with all the tracks for a DVD that can’t play MP3.

Nero has more chance of doing anything that appears to be an overburn - Roxio were dead nuts against anything like that for ages, so I doubt Easy CD cremator 5.3 would allow it!

well i have your exact same problem yet there is a link down here that shows u how to adjust the setting to burn on 900/800 mb cds using nero 6 express or nero 7
anyway i m thinking that maybe the problem is my cd drive is dvd read but writes on normal cds and i m trying to find out if this is the cause
i dont guess its fake cds i got them from radio shak and i once burned a movie which was 780 mb but i cant remember how i did that ost propably it was through iso burning in nero 7

Sorry for entering this thread so late, but can’t agree completely with these ideas, just due to practical reasons.

read -
read/write -
can’t read -
supports overburning up to 98 mins -
can’t read/write -

So we seem to have quite diferent choices: software/drives/discs that allow to put 900 MB in a 900 MB disc.

OK I am not a genius, but I did and do use these Infinity discs with no problem untill now

Basically I use it with the yamaha CRW-F1 to burn music using its HQ Master Quality, that records 78 minutes of music maximum using this 99 Infinity discs, and my car cd player (more than one car since I started) never refused one…and still plays the first discs I recorded back in 2002.
The same goes with other drives…but you may say it is not the real 900 MB of info, and you’re right.
But also used them to save data I knew would go over the 730 MB, but never to the full extent.
You may ask, will I trust it to save money/space and adopt 900 MB in a confident way? No, because I am not a genius and accidents happen, errors can surprise us, and I’m not sure I will have capable drives in the near future, iif the ones I’ve now just pass away.
And I know, that the extra capacity comes at the cost of “compressing” the usable space, that remains the same 12cm disc.