Problem with burnet DVD video Brakes-up Half way in play




I’m useing DVD Decrypter, DVDFab Decrypter and ImgBurn to copy my DVDs. I have used this in the pass and it work fine, but now when I make any copys and play them in a DVD player the VIDEO BRAKES_UP ( comes in and out) half way for 1-10 mins na dthen is fine. They work fine in the compter.

I dont know what to do, PLEASE HELP???


If they play fine in the computer and only has the problem in the DVD Player, try cleaning the lens


StormJumper, I played some (1-3) in a different DVD player and they work. How do I clean the lens for the player? and I’ll let you all know if the other ones work???

Thanks agen


Could be bad burns (which could be the media, the burner, the firmware, etc). Could be a picky player. Several possible causes. Download Nero CD-DVD Speed, insert one of the discs in your drive, and click on the ‘media info’ tab and tell us what the media code is, it will be something like ‘RITEK G05’, ‘YUDEN T03’, etc. Also tell us what your burner model and firmware is, and what burn speed you’re using for your discs.


If they play on your computer and on other DVD Player and you are only having the problem on just that one DVD Player then I would say the Lens Does need to be cleaned, You can pick up a Lens cleaner at bestbuy, Office Max or Office Depot or any place like that.