Problem with Burner or Media?

Hello to the members of the forum.

I have a problem which maybe involves different topics, but because I 'm using a SONY DVD Writer, I guess this is the correct forum to post.

I have a Pentium IV at 1.5 GHz, with 512MB Ram and i am using Win2000 Pro.
My drive is a SONY DVD RW (+/-) DW-U18A at 8x.

Anyway i bought DVD+RW 4x media (IMATION) - the drive specifications support both reading/writing dvd±rw media - and tried to burn some data. In fact (unfortunately) I 've burn a lot of data (about 10 dvd’s) using Nero 7, when I noticed that the media could not be recognised by my dvd /dvd-rw drive.

The compilation every time was finishing succesfully but the dvd’s appear to be empty (in a winXP system) or i get the no cd message (in my system). Anyway you can see that the dvd is used (the writing area seems that is burned) as any other dvd.

I 've tried to update my firmware but nothing happened. Are my data lost permanetely or i still got hope?

What do you think might be the problem? Any help is welcomed.

P.S.: Sorry for the big post (if you need further explanations please tell me so).

Welcome to the forum

Can you post a transfer rate test of these discs with cd-dvd speed?

Simply select Benchmark tab and press F2 (or select “Run Test” menu --> Transfer rate)

My friend even though i 've burned some of these dvd’s and the compilation was “succesfully finished” the drive cannot see any data on the media and it “sees” them like empty disc’s. So i cannot Benchmark the Discs as they are empty.

Are you sure that you do a regular burning? Are you making a simulation? If you do a simulation then no data will be written on the disc.

I 'm sorry to replie so late. I, have the problem and i should be more interested in this.

Of course i am doing a regular burning. To prevent any other similar questions imust mention that i have the necessary experience in pc’s not to make mistakes like this.

As i said when you look at the writing side of the disc, you think that the disc is used (and it is), but nothing can be recognised.

thanks again, Alex

Nero 7 have too many problems; I suggest you to revert to nero 6 until versio 7 will be enough free of bugs.

Anyway try to recover your files with Isobuster

Ok, thanks for your help. I 'll try isobuster, and i hope that I 'll have the results i want. Recovering my files won’t solve the problem but it is great to know that there is still a chance for me to get my files back.

I 'll inform you about the results soon.

Unfortunately isobuster didn’t help. When the driver cannot “see” the disc the program can not do anything. Anyway I 'll continue the research for th problem…