Problem with burner nec3520



hi everybody (sorry for my englsih i'm french)

I have bought a burn nec3520 but when i launch one application i have this messsage "this application doesn't start because kernell32.dll is untraceable.the reinstallation of this application can correct problem" but i come of format my pc ...... and i have already had this problem with my burn before but i believed that it was the burner but two times the similar problem is trouble, so i don't flash my burn with a firmware for information (in french it don't available).


Which burn application are you using? Are you trying to backup a DVD movie? Try CloneDVD and AnyDVD by downloading them at


this burner burns the one problem is the installation since a dvd or a cd what patch i must install


I don’t know which application is at fault, but a full format and reload of windows will fix your problem.


i format many times my pc since yesterday i think it’s a problem with a piece of software


Format the HD, reload windows, and test the burner. DO NOT load any other software.