Problem with burned divx movies faultering


I have recently burned a couple of divx movies onto dvds using Nero 6 and although they play fine in windows media player, when played on a dvd player there is a slight pause about every second as if after every 25 frames or so the last frame is played twice.

I have burned many dvds using the same combination of nec 2510 burner, nero 6 nero vision express, datawrite dvd-r disks and my pioneer dvd player and have never had this problem. I have tried two other dvd players and they both do the same thing so looks like a problem with the dvd.

Any ideas if this is a problem with nero or is it something strange with the divx files?


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I think that your problem is due to a low quality media. I suggest to use quality discs like verbatim (NOT the “pearl white” series :wink: ). This should solve the problem :slight_smile:

Thx for the suggestion on the media but i think it looks like a nero problem. I tried ConvertXToDvd and that produced a DVD without the glitches i mentioned.

then update Nero and use better media.