Problem with BTC 20161M DVD RW

for some reason when i put blank media into my drive it wont read or write to it, if i go to write something to it, it says that no media is currently inserted into the drive, although its reads media that already has data burned onto it. it was working fine yesterday but now its doing this. i did download the latest firmware & have applied it, however it still wont work. it will however now burn but it misses files off so it aint working as it should, so what can i do to fix this problem ?

thanks in advence

Which OS?
Which dvd burning app?
Which exact media?

windows xp
nero 8
verbatim 16x dvd+r
verbatim 16x dvd-r

OK, open up devicemanager, uninstall the ide channels and then restart.
After boting up, check that the drive has DMA mode enabled at least DMA 2 mode.

how do i check if DMA mode is enabled ?

ok its on if available is that what it should be on ?

No! Please read my other post again.

i have but i dont really understand what you mean 2bh.

Change the current DMA mode from PIO to DMA or better to DMA2.

thats whats already selected

You wrote “ok its on if available is that what it should be on ?”, so it wasnt in UDMA mode, in my opinion.

ok in transfer mode the options that i can select are PIO only & DMA if available & its on DMA if available

hello ?